Expert Legal Solutions

We are lawyers and strategic business advisors. We believe this is the key to delivering legal services in a way that aligns with our clients’ business strategies and goals to support SME owners and their stakeholders.

We work with SME owners, accountants, business advisors, financiers and their clients.  We focus on improving businesses and helping them earn a living for their owners and their employees, creating value wherever possible for the benefit of all concerned.  We help businesses grow rapidly beyond their roots to achieve their potential.

We recognise that legal costs are a business risk in themselves and help our clients manage that risk by giving certainty on legal spending through alternative and fair fee structures based on each client’s specific needs and constraints, rather than traditional billing based on hours alone.

Established in 2016, we have experienced rapid growth. We believe this is because we are able to offer a truly different approach to the delivery of legal services, as part of a group of companies which provides consultancy advice to owner managed businesses.